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The Search Button Wizard

Every time you see a Search Button , here is what you need to know.
The search button is here to simplify your search and to help you find your required entity easily. Now, whenever there is a field with a search button beside it, you can simply click on the search button and then a separate window will pop up enlisting all the applicable values under that field.
For instance, here we can see a search button beside the field Preferred Supplier Id
search button wizard.PNG

Click on it and a separate window will pop enlisting all the possible values under the concerned field.


Now, you can search for your desired entity by filtering and limiting your search to any given field of the table. In our example, we have filtered the search result by Party Type and limited it to S among all party types. Here is how it looks like;

search filter.PNG

Now select the desired entity and the window will automatically close itself and the selected entity will be shown in the respective field. In our example we selected the second result i.e. the supplier with party id 5 having the Name Brown Ethan. Consequently we can see the same supplier in our Preferred Supplier Id.


This is applicable wherever you find a search button beside any given field.

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