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Customer Accounts

Customer accounts can be used to view, edit or delete any customer from the list.
Compact Customers list.JPG

Add new customers- To add new customers simply click on add new.JPG and fill up the form that is given to you. Make sure that the fields marked with * are not left empty and contain the necessary values.

PAN – Permanent Account Numbers (Applicable in countries like India, Nepal , etc)
SST – Streamlined Salles Tax (Applicable in various states in the US)
CST – Central Sales Tax (Tax imposed on inter-state sales and purchase)
Maximum Credit Period – It is the maximum period that a company extending credit to a customer allows the customer in which to pay for an invoice. No interest is calculated on receivable during this period.
Interest Compounding Frequency Id – This affects the frequency and time of interest posting to the receivable account.

Now click on save and a new Customer is created with a new Customer ID. The Customer ID is an auto generated code which consists of the initials of the name of the customer and a chronological number assignment.
Once the Customer has been created, you can select it by clicking on the radio button to its left and then edit or delete the customer and its details.
Remember: You can not delete the customers if we have already recorded transactions with the customer.

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