What is MixERP?

MixERP is an ASP.net open source ERP Solution.

Beta 2 Version Development Started

We have already started developing the next version. Beta 2 with MVC 5/Razor 3 will support Linux and OSX on ASP.net vNext.

We Are Accepting Feature Requests for CRM Module

Tell us what you like to see in the CRM Module! Not sure? Then what about reviewing the upcoming features of the CRM module? This is how it looks like:


Demo Sites Updated

Beta 1 Version 2 is Coming Soon

Please stay tuned to updates and releases because we are planning to release the second version of the first Beta release with added features and improved functions within May end 2015. Case you find any issues with the project , please feel free to post on MixERP forums. Let us know how we can help you.

Beta 1 Version 2 Milestone

Beta 2 Roadmap

We will be having three releases for the first beta and then we will start development for Beta 2 release. As per our milestone, Beta 2 will contain Manufacturing and CRM modules.

Where is getting started guide?

The getting started guide can be found under the directory:

    src/docs (WebForms)
    src-beta2/docs (MVC)

NB: we are moving to MVC in the next version. Till then, WebForms will be fully supported.

Upgrades and Compatibility

All the transactions posted to the v1 is supported and will be automatically updated to the v2 release, which means that installing a new release will automatically update your current installation of MixERP without any loss of data. This applies to every new release of MixERP henceforth.

Why Betas?

We will have many small, stable, and incremental releases to reach our milestone. This means that once we start Beta 2 version, Beta 1 should be considered stable even though we like to call it Beta.

Where Can I Get Support?

Please create an account in MixERP Forums and post your questions there. We will be happy to help.

If you can afford to, please consider making a donation for continued development of MixERP project.

Where Is Documentation?

The documentation now lives in the "gh-pages" branch (Github repository) and is hosted on GitHub pages here:

MixERP Documentation

Similarly, the branch "gh-pages" is periodically merged into "master" branch. Using firefox, you can view the documentation locally by opening "index-ajax.html" on the root folder.

Why PostgreSQL?

We have been receiving tons of queries on why PostgreSQL? We chose PostgreSQL Server because:

  • PostgreSQL is platform independent.
  • We have plans to support *nix based operating system.
  • We have plans to support Apache and nginx.
  • PostgreSQL is free no matter how big your data grows, unlimited processors, unlimited cores, unlimited memory. You will never be forced to upgrade to higher version due to a limitation of database size or similar.
  • PostgreSQL is an excellent choice for enterprise application.
  • PostgreSQL has paid support plans for enterprises.
  • PostgreSQL is ahead of commercial database vendors in terms of development. Also see this, this, this, this, and this. And this as well.
  • We have been SQL Server developers before we knew PostgreSQL Server existed. We love SQL Server, but PostgreSQL is a better fit for open source software.

MixERP Dashboard

You Dont Have to Bang Your Head to Learn or Implement MixERP

The first thing that we ever discussed when starting this project was simplicity. Designed from scratch, MixERP integrates most of the useful functionalities of an average ERP solution with extra emphasis on simplification of its modules. Switching to MixERP from your previous ERP solution will not be a nightmare unlike in most cases with other ERP Solutions.

MixERP Disallows Side Effecting Functionality

Unlike other ERP solutions, MixERP restricts some side effecting functionality. For example, modification of past dated transactions is not allowed. This ensures that you cannot have two different balance sheets of the same date because of the modifications made.

MixERP is a pure

  • multi-currency,
  • multi-lingual,
  • and multi-establishment ERP Solution.

MixERP Is Rich in Design

MixERP has a very wide range of features which are tightly integrated with each others. MixERP has a unique set of features that you will not find even in commercial ERP solution. Unlike other ERP solutions, MixERP simplifies business processes via automated financial tools such as:

  • Central Database for Multiple Establishments.
  • With a single instance of MixERP installation, you can operate multiple Office Groups and Offices under the hood. MixERP can consolidate and/or split reports on the fly--without needing a hacky lengthy procedure.
  • Policy engine for G/L access.
  • Integrated workflow engine for transaction posting and verification.
  • Automatic decisions by the system based upon your configuration.
  • End of day (EOD) operation.


Core Concepts


List of Supported Languages in Beta Version

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • español
  • Filipino
  • français
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • 日本語
  • Bahasa Melayu
  • Nederlands
  • português
  • русский
  • svenska
  • 中文

How Can I Support MixERP?

  • Translate MixERP in your language.
  • Support MixERP by providing ASP.net 4.5 and PostgreSQL hosting.
  • Build and host MixERP on your development server.
  • Join us by following this project.
  • Report bugs and/or issues on github.
  • Tell your friends about MixERP.

Please Note

  • MixERP comes with GNU-GPL Version 3 license.
  • MixERP only supports PostgreSQL Server database and we do not have any plans to support other DBMS right now.

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