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The Interface


Following the Minimalistic Design mantra, mixERP brings out the essence of an ERP solution, eliminating all that stuff that's not required and is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing ERP solution around.
In the front, MixERP consists of 8 menus (Let us call them Headings) horizontally placed one after another in the following order.
(Click on any one menu to learn more about it)
  • Account
  • Sales
  • Purchase
  • Products & Items
  • Finance
  • CRM
  • Setup Parameters
  • POS
main menus.jpg

Each Heading corresponds to different modules of an ERP solution and has been uniformly sub-divided into broadly 3 major groups. Under every Heading you will notice 3 major groups of sub-headings.

The 1st group relates to the functional part of the ERP software where the actual day to day functions are operated.
The 2nd group relates to the setup part of the ERP which is majorly a one-time activity and
the 3rd relates to the reporting part of the ERP which generates customized reports according to the needs of the user.


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